Designing generic hardware in Cx

In the previous post, I explained what generic hardware is and what it is used for. In this post, I show how to create generic hardware »

Genericity in hardware design

In this post I talk about what is generic hardware, and how to make hardware designs generic. What is generic hardware? If you have experience in »

Introducing Cx

We've renamed our language to Cx! We've talked about it on the forum, we've just updated our website, and we'll be updating repositories soon. Why rename »

Why build a community?

A few months ago we met Jean de La Rochebrochard (@2lr), a great young strategic adviser that helps entrepreneurs improving their sales process and raising funds. »

ngDesign is now open source!

We finally realized that if we wanted our language, C~, to be widely adopted, the best way was to make the compiler open-source. I've been talking »

Rise like a phoenix

As you have surely noticed, we've changed a lot of things during the past couple of weeks. Creating a startup is about of lot of things, »

The fear of change and its actual cost

A few days ago I spoke with a potential customer (technical leader at a big semiconductor company) who was afraid of changing the design flow of »

What future for the DATE conference?

Last week was the first time that Nicolas and myself attended the DATE conference. We were there as exhibitors with Synflow, and here is what we »

A young entrepreneur's take on EDA

I wrote this post because I'm a young entrepreneur in the EDA industry, but until now I didn't write about my opinion about this industry. Also »

Vivado HLS: good as far as C-based HLS goes

First, thank you Xilinx for having good documentation that is accessible by everyone! I mean it, I know it's standard practice for FPGA vendors, but that's »